August 21, 2014

up up and away...

so he finally got his confirmation, and he's flying off at three in the freaking morning.


his flight duration is 23 hours, with two transits in between. mau tak mengamuk orang tua tu hahahhahahahhaha. his fellow comrade going with him happens to know my uncle Pak Long, what a small world. don't ask me how many times he packed and repacked his bags, if he had the option to bring the contents of the house with him, he would have.

transiting in Abu Dhabi

since it was past midnight that we left for the airport, the kids bid their goodbyes well before bedtime. i don't think they even know where Daddy was going. Dayana was like, "where's Cherry Barbie??".

his friends were awesome enough to come down the airport to send him off. all fellow pilots, they are. i pray they'll take to the skies soon.

a walk to remember bahahahhaha
the send-off team. thank guys
so he's back to being a student again

i found this photo in my inbox one day later...

this ain't Prague

ain't look nothing like a training center. a change of plan it seems..? (bak kata Hidayat).

and judging from the following photo, you'd think that there was nothing to eat over there.

darurat nehhhhhhh


perak = jakun

would you believe cili padi pun ado? rotfl.

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