July 7, 2014

aviax in motion

hi uolls. i got a free makeover yesterday! this time round Aviax decided to produce a short video clip for i-do-not-know-what and my friend was supposed to be in it but she bailed last minute, so i had to substitute T_T.


here's me with the makeup artist, and she does decent work. she used to intern at Aviax and know she's helping the peeps on a pro-bono basis =P!~~~ anyway, she's available for make up slots if you need a fix-me-upper. you can check out her instagram here. excuse the eyes, when i smile, they turn into black evil slits. HAHAHAHAH.

meet the makeup artist, Daisy

the Aviax family loves to camwhore. for this edition they brought along their gopros, their monopods and their i-dunno-what-pod suction-thingy that you can mount onto the wall (Daisy asked if she could mount it on her head, they all told her to go right ahead, no problem =P~~). so naturally, out comes all the batang cangkul for photo assists!

the aviax clan
Significant Other's first crazy Sifu.

question: how many people can we fit into a cockpit?

my friend finally came not too long after we finished the video session.

the latecomer

since everyone was together under one roof, we + a bunch of other aviation junkies went for iftar at this Arab place in Oasis Square (but you can't beat Saba restaurant in Cyberjaya, though. like 1000+!). i didn't even know a place such as this existed, the scenery was so pretty and serene! there were a bunch of other restaurants here too that you could choose from. i saw a bunch of families strolling by just to take in the view (+ camwhoring hahaha).

arab buffet
oasis square, gorgeous night view

mana group photo nie????

so here's a final me in my vamp look (i am so not gonna comb my hair for the next couple of days *_*), photo effects due to my lousy front iphone camera. hahahhahahhaha. toodles!


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