July 17, 2014

burger factory

it is always preferable to break fast at home, only because it is crap to find a place to dine in. i keep calling up different restaurants only to get the usual 'sorry, dah penuh' or 'try walking in after 8pm' answer.

these people ah, they call and book days in advance kah?????
(i'm reminded of all those posh US restaurants that need booking months in advance T_T)

anyway, so Significant Other attended an iftar with the other fly boys earlier and brought me along. this is my first time dining at the factory.

syafiq came down all the way from Dubai for an interview, hebat tak. another friend of theirs joined us shortly after breaking fast, he got stuck in breakfast traffic. service was a bit slow, but the staff were really friendly.


i keep seeing people taking photos of their burgers, so it's not a crime to follow suit, teehee. there were so many burgers i didn't know what to pick. so we ended up choosing based on what they dumped into the burger. the charcoal bun seems interesting.

izam tried to see if he could fit the whole burger into this mouth, he failed miserably. for burgers like this, i think you're gonna need to eat it per layer, like some person i know *cough cough arif cough cough*.

volcano, just because it wrote there 'spicy'
texas, for chicken's sake

the Burger Factory is located at Oasis Square, the same place where i had iftar at that Arab restaurant, on the opposite side. Malindo and Eaglexpress offices are located around this area. so... do drop by if you can find the place =D

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