December 27, 2012

so much for secrets and the number two


bought Dayana a jacket for her the other day. told her to keep it a secret from Daddy and let's surprise him when picking him up at the airport that weekend. she readily agreed.

when Daddy called on Skype later that evening, the very first thing that came out of her mouth was, 'Daddy, Mommy beli jacket for Dayana!'


Daddy misunderstood and thought that she wanted him to get her one. so he said ok he'll get her one when he gets back.

'tapi Mommy dah beli dah la Daddy', annoyed that he didn't listen properly to what she just said.

so much for keeping it a secret, Miss Blabbermouth.


after recording the kids singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the iPad, i told the kids to give me the peace sign with their little hands.

'Peace!' the eldest said obediently, holding up two fingers, successfully making the peace sign.

'TWO!' the youngest yelled triumphantly, only managing to hold up her thumb and forefinger in her attempt to do the peace sign.

two? i mean seriously?? apa kaitan making the peace sign and the number two? two fingers? where did she learn that from? i didn't teach her that @_@


i was merely resting my eyes while lying down on the bed when Dinara comes to me, slaps me on my face and proclaimed, 'wake up!'


insistent, eh?

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