December 19, 2012

big bad wolf

when i asked Dayana if she wanted to go to the bookfair, she thought i asked her if she wanted to buy a book about wolves -___-

when we arrived she asked me, 'where's the wolf book?' LOL.

this is my first time going to a BBW sale, mind you they held it at MIECC which is so out of my jurisdiction that i would've gotten lost getting there if my friend Maz hadn't brought me there to fix my iPod in the first place (my iPod is still rosak, just in case you're wondering).

weekend parking at the convention centre costs rm3 on weekends, rm2 on weekdays.

people kept tweeting and FBing photos of their haul that i just had to see for myself what the fuss was about (kept reading about how people practically lugged suitcases of books around and borong-ing like no tomorrow, it was that dirt cheap). i even heard they opened til the wee hours of the morning during weekends, betui ka? a friend cautioned that if you were specifically looking for a book title then you definitely won't find it. that would mean trouble, since it's just the same as going grocery shopping without a grocery list - you end up with more than you bargained for.

ok la, the crowd the day i was there was manageable, so long as the restrooms were clean and readily available =P.

i didn't really know what books to get so we just headed off for the children's section to browse. the kids were interested in the books but the youngest was more interested in darting among the tables and trying to hide under them T_T so up she went in my Kanga. i was surprised that she actually did want to be carried. tere pulak tu bila orang squat, dia lilit tangan around my neck and hugged her legs around my waist, lol.

boy was she heavy. i passed Dinara book after book to read while was on my back. Dayana spotted someone holding a Tinkerbell book but no matter how many times i walked in circles among the tables and tables of books, i just couldn't seem to find it =( i didn't have much time to browse the other sections, having kids around you is distracting especially when one starts to get cranky and demands for water while the other one slowly feels like a ton of bricks on your back @_@.

luckily at some point Significant Other took over the weight =P.

we didn't really get so many books because we didn't want to end up with what's more than necessary just because they were cheap. i only ended up with one book for myself on the first day. the kids got a few books too, i wasn't looking forward to having Dinara destroy and coloring the reading books either. Significant Other got some photography books for himself and a couple of others, one of which was related to - what else? - aircrafts. Dayana was a happy camper too, she was happy with what she came home with, balik rumah terus mintak Atuk baca.

Daddy's haul. ade lagi 2 book he brought back to LGK with him to read
i went to Mines again yesterday after work, tak puas hati that i didn't get to browse to my hearts content. took me 1 freaking hour to get from mv to Mines @_@. too bad 2 hours of browsing just wasn't enough. i couldn't find that blasted Tinkerbell book either. i traversed the fiction section and didn't see anything i might have liked save for Tess Gerritssen. i spent awhile at the Cookery section trying to figure out what was worth buying. called my mom to see if there was anything she would like. so many Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver books strewn about.

apparently my sister already went to the fair last Saturday morning and didn't tell me, chis.

i ended up with a few more books for myself, and 5 more books for the kids. my search criteria for kids books would be that it had to be bedtime-friendly, as in colorful photos and huge wordings in easy English for my kids to understand (homaigod some books were too advanced and wordy i felt like i wanted to fall asleep just by reading out loud haha).

erm, mine?
activity books for Dayana
i find this set of books quite interesting to read with the kids. now if only i can borong a couple more... =P

easy books i can actually read from Start to Finish with the kids =P
updated: Maz was so nice to brave the books again and get three more books for me. thanks Maz!

p/s. i finally found out how to upload pics into my blog from Picasa instead of waiting for ages for the pics to upload directly! wheu~

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