December 9, 2012

beauty & the beast musical

was on our way to Jusco when we passed a counter selling the tickets. since Dayana was practically singing to Beauty & the Beast when she was about 2 years old (and almost memorizing the whole script in the process) the Daddy decided that it would be a good idea to bring her for the show. we bought tickets for the 8th.

there was an offer for Maybank cardholders, so we got our tickets for a discounted price. we went just the three of us, poor Dinara got left behind because i wasn't sure she had the patience to sit still for 2 hours for the show (i'm reminded of the time when i had two entertain the two kids running up and down the cinema stairs when i brought them to watch Cars 2 T___T never againnnn).

have you ever been to Sunway Lagoon's Amphitheater? i haven't. bear in mind that it's open air, which meant that everything was exposed to the elements. hahaha. first we had quite an exercise just getting there. who would've known that the escalators heading down to the entrance was situated somewhere near the Sunway Hotel? @_@ and once you reached the bottom of the escalators you still need to walk on foot some 5 minutes to get to the Amphitheater. they provided trams for transport to get there, but the personnel there were so smart into directing blur people like us toward the 5-minute walkway to reduce the congestion of people waiting for the trams, they were lucky this pregnant lady didn't decide to sue them for her feet blisters. i was practically sweating when i arrived.

the Amphitheater, Sunway Lagoon
no food and drinks were allowed (they checked your bags before entering the premises), so they had a concession stand selling junk food, popcorn, sweet corn and hotdogs. our tickets had us seated at PS1, which was at the side but to me had a perfectly good view of the stage. the show was supposed to start at 7.30pm but you know what started instead? it started to rain.


waiting for the show to start
the show was delayed almost an hour due to the tempias the downpour unleashed on us. did i mention to you that the Amphitheater was open air? hahahahah. everyone seated at the far ends of the Amphitheater had to be temporarily relocated from their seats while they waited the storm out. some parts of the roof was dripping water too @_@. the show couldn't be started either, it would've affected the instruments and electrical equipment too (so they say lah). i laughed at Significant Other earlier for bringing along his jacket. now look who' s laughing now T___T.

Dayana seemed to be enjoying herself despite the show being delayed. she happily entertained herself with our iPhones (for some reason my stupid phone couldn't receive data while Significant Other happily Facebooked away grrrr i mau Note 2 boley? =P). she finished 3/4 of a bag of potato chips by herself. oh you should stuff your face first before you come, don't expect much from the concession stand.

so! after the rain finally seemed to let up, out came the staff to 'dry things up' literally. lol. there were so many of them really, about half of them went onstage to dry the stage floor (with rolls of tissues!!! egad what would the environmentalists say) while the other half went about the audience to dry the seats so that people could go back to their seats.

presenting Disney's cinderelly cinderelly
Live musicians hailing from Philippines performed for the musical under the direction of director and conductor, David Laugharne, someone big in West End productions that i don't really know about =P. don't expect the musical to be as linear as from the original Disney movie, only a couple of songs were taken from the original. the rest? well, let's say even Gaston can do the gangnam style T____T. i guess they modernized the storyline. i don't recall witches being in the movie save for the person that turned the prince into a Beast (erm, but wasn't that an enchantress?). Dayana was quite confused i reckon. i guess she was expecting Beauty & the Beast, the original. i was, admittedly.

details of the musical:

Date: from 1st December until 31st December
Time: Daily at 8pm (no show on Wednesdays)
Venue: Amphitheater @ Sunway Lagoon
Ticketing: RM180, RM130, and RM90 (Adult), RM150, RM 100, and RM70 (Child)

the excited spectator
er... be my guest?
Beauty & the Beast
the cast
see you again next time!

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