December 21, 2012

little SOHO

i don't exactly remember when we got our keys for the unit because to me it felt like forever since we paid for the keys LAST December, but i think it was a little over 2 months ago. it's already been 2 months and i'm still fighting with management over their handling of the unit defects. mau mati kot. one part i hate in buying property - you pay so much, only to get so little in terms of quality.

at one point i had to practically yell at them because our doorknob was faulty - we couldn't lock the unit, so if my furniture got stolen i'm simply gonna pin it on them, yes? so they said okok they'll do it immediately, but you know what they did? i dropped by the unit a few days later only to find my door totally KNOBLESS. wau. apparently they thought that a door without a knob couldn't be broken in to?

T___T homaigod.

(they finally fixed it after another yelling-visit to them).

to be fair, the person i brought my complains to was being a 'bit' helpful, what started out be so-many-defects-i-can't-even-keep-track-of, is now i-can-list-them-one-by-one-from-the-top-of-my-head.

here are photos of our delivered unit. we bought it furnished to save hassle on the renovation process (it was a nightmare for us with SR, i guess it all depends on who you choose to be your contractor kot?). the unit still needs renovating though, although only minor like adding more light and power points to the unit, including the installation of electrical appliances, not to forget the grille and curtains.

furniture provided in the unit, including tv, fridge, washing machine
kitchen window overlooking Subang Jaya. we get the morning sun
the built-in kitchen cabinets
the one and only bathroom downstairs

stairs leading up
a duplex, you could call it
the only items upstairs, including the bed mattres and a tiny side table
as of yesterday morning, i labelled a total of 15 defects in the unit. i purposely bought those florescent yellow stickers to stick everywhere per defect. telling them by mouth or writing them down no use one, only enter one ear and stream out the other.

need to get started on renovation pronto. and also tenant-searching.

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