August 27, 2010

baby D has arrived

So. The title says it all.
(and i'd like to add that this is my first time trying out blogpress =P)

Baby D
26th August 2010, 9.38am
2.35kg, 49cm
DEMC Shah Alam

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Dina said...

Congrats Lilly!!

Maneesa said...

That's fast!

Ummi to Hamzah said...

Tahniah lilly,dayana ada adik now & teman main2 :) ur blessed with daughters,so lucky! Slmt berpantang have good rest.

Rozy said...

D for what? Hehe... Diana?

Congrats ya Lilly!!

farrahar said...

Rozy, u missed 1 more letter. :P

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah... congrats second time mama!

sol said...

kalu 31 ogos dah sama beday ngan dayana hehehe..

opss, hepi beday dayana!! :)

Anonymous said...

tahniah!!! baby ramadhan.... have a good rest!!!!