August 20, 2010

my little piiizzy wonder

my magic wonder sudah pandai request for 'kroi-yons' whenever she sees stationery - her own word for crayons. lol. however i think she's more interested in the crayon box than the crayons itself. she'll dump all 12 crayons onto the floor and run off with the box, hahaha. if she isn't distracted she'll sit for a few good minutes scribbling on a piece of paper, then that's it. i have yet to figure out if she's a lefty or a righty. i read somewhere that if you're a lefty, chances are you could've been part of a twin set while in the womb. i dunno if that's true or not though.

crayola crayola rock!

i've finally managed to teach Dayana to say please when she wants something. before this she'd usually just imitate what we say without knowing its significance, like when we tell her to say 'thank you mommy' or say 'bye bye daddy'. but recently she's smartening up on how to use the word 'please' in her favor. whenever she wants something and we don't immediately or refuse to give it to her, she'll go all puppy-eyed on us and say in that on-purpose innocent tone of hers, 'piiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzz?'. benci. we end up giving in to her request almost 90% of the time, especially the Daddy. haha. he requested me to open a post entitled 'a piiiiizzz you cannot resist'. lol.


unfortunately, when we use the 'piiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzz' tactic on her, she simply ignores us. chis.

Dayana's favorite word these days is 'TANNAK'. TANNAK this, TANNAK that, semua TANNNAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK... @_@. it's getting more difficult to get her to agree with us these days.

she likes to kacau Kakak (the maid) by asking her 'kakak bakpe???' (kakak buat apa?) lol. haiz. most of the words that comes out of her mouth these days are usually Malay.

so far puasa month has been gentle on me and the baby, despite the heaty mornings and the rainy evenings. but i can feel myself tiring out easily from walking/standing too long. i still face traffic on the way home from work, but am secretly glad that i don't have to face the horrible 1.5hr puasa traffic rush from KL like last time. the funny thing is, when i reach home early i'm out of ideas of what to do while waiting to buka puasa, lol. before this i'd usually reach home within minutes before buka puasa (see? it's in our nature to complain about every single thing, hahahaha).

far has shared great information on her blog about fasting/breastfeeding during pregnancy. my parents and Significant Other advised me against it with the interest of the baby in mind, but so far i've only missed one day due to me not being able to get any shut-eye Sunday night and ended up feeling really doozy throughout the day. i must remember to drink plenty of fluids though. probably when i'm nearing the due date i might not fast completely - lix has a point of saying that i needed the energy to push during labor later. haha. when you think of it, if you mention my due date it seems sooo far away, but when you put it this way: 16 days left to go, you realize isn't that far away :O *panic*

my parents will be going back for a few days to Terengganu next week since i happily spoiled their raya plans by deciding to give birth just a few days shy of raya (oops). and this will be my second time spending my raya in confinement, tsk. and mil wont be around until early September, so let's hope i don't go into labor before then. if not i'll rugi the nuzul quran holiday, hahahaahahhahaha. bah. i miss nasi minyak + nasi dagang + sata + keropok lekor + the yummilicious A&W kat tepi pantai Batu Burok =( how leh?

anyway, i finally went to Param for the first time yesterday since the start of puasa - i was determined to find nasi tomato (btw, i thought Param was a universally-understood word, shouldn't it be? but when i smsed my friend to ask about the best place to go for param, she replied by giving me a lengthy explanation on confinement kits - HAHAHAHAHAHHA). inspired by Aritha's recent blog entry, i decided to go on a budget too, so i ended up buying only the following:

- nasi tomato rm4.30
- keropok lekor rm2
- bihun rm2.50 <- for Dayana, she's a picky eater
- apamalek rm2
- air tebu rm2

twas weird that there was only one stall selling apamalek, but berlambak2 orang jual murtabak. peeeerggghh. everything i bought was wiped clean except for the apamalek (sungguh liat and tidak sedap) and the bihun which was only half finished. i had the nasi tomato for sahur, nyum nyum =D. sometimes susah jugak when you have too much to eat, if you know what i mean (but if you have nothing to eat lagi tak seronot =P). today going to Bangi for buka puasa, yay. Significant Other signed us up for a two-day Passive Income course at Westin over the weekend so got nobody to take care of the little one this weekend (thanks Ashu, more Bobob for you =P). i hope to drop by the Parenthood Expo fair at MV this weekend, i bought most of the essentials from theLilCaliph already, now hoping to cuci mata before i pop =P.


Ita Shadila said...

certain people panggey BARAM.. teringat one of the hostel kat utp..
eh parenthoood exhibition.. nak tag along leh x.. i x penah gi.. --> seriyes, bukan lawak or trying 2 be friendly in a blog by leaving comment, yada yada thingy

E`n1x said...

ala you... the parenthood expo was at MV last weekend la, this post has been in my drafts for quite some time already (procrastinate punya pasal). if i knew you berminat i dah lama promote kat you, huhu~

Ita Shadila said...

cet.. harapan palsu okehhhh
i dah bercita2 going to mv this coming wiken..