September 3, 2010

to fill in the gap

baby Dinara

i stole the photo from my sista's blog =P. because i love how the photo turned out.
planned to write a lengthy entry, but i think i'll put it off for later when Significant Other goes off for futsal later tonight.

fun fact:
[Significant Other asked me to put this in my blog, he was so excited when he found out about it yesterday, go figure]
Princess Diana died on August 31st, 1997, around 4am-ish.
Our daughter Dayana (intentionally spelled that way so that her name won't be pronounced Malay-style Diana) was born August 31st, 4.22am.
my Uncle calls our daughter Princess.
so i guess what he's trying to get at is, is there a possibility of reincarnation / karma there? LOL.

moving on...

ni baru dipanggil PINK

a one-of-a-kind ellevill that i wanted but i forgot to wake up for the listing. haha. now this is what i call TRIPINK. the original version looks more... purpley to me.

what am i doing? simply crapping here while i think of bright ideas to post into my blog. haha. i'd crap about KP too. since i'm on a roll anyway... here u go:

photo credits to Kindercarry FB

two four mamas scored this design. me likey! sadly i wasn't one of the lucky ones. probably there's a reason why i wasn't one of the ones chosen. kekeke.

i'm tired of forumming these days. things aren't fun when people start scrutinizing every single thing you say, sincere or not. i guess nowadays it's best to keep your thoughts to yourself, eh?

won't be going anywhere this raya. so i'll be in Bangi just in case anyone plans to look for me to claim stuff or anything. lol.

Salam Aidilfitri from me, the babies and Significant Other =)


Ummi to Hamzah said...

waaaaaaah me like Dinara's pic!unique name la lilly :) insyaAllah will want to visit you and baby dinara syawal nanti.selamat berpantang dear!

Ariana said...

zara pink.. TDFF!!!!