May 26, 2010

i feel like...

a penguin.
a fat elephant.
a kangaroo <- ini Significant Other kasi nama kat i. sampai hati ok.

i'm past the 24th week and all of a sudden everyone spies my baby bump. hoho (before this everyone was totally oblivious to it) and they're like, are you sure you're 6 months along? -.- and suddenly i feel the weight pressing against my ribcage, my bladder, my internal organs when i lie on my back to sleep at night. gahh. i feel significantly heavier now too. i guess i kind of suddenly 'showed'. haha. Significant Other says he doesn't remember Dayana being this big. hmmm. i basically don't remember either. i never took progressive photos of my tummy during my first pregnancy, and i didn't do it either for the second pregnancy.

morning sickness has gradually returned. which means i have three more months before i pop, and i'm not sure if i'm ready to be a mother of two. may hire a maid when the time comes, current maid says dengan confidentnye that she can handle two kids, but i say otherwise; she can't even handle Dayana -.-

i finally got the urge to buy baby stuff when i was over at Parkson the other day. luckily i don't know the gender yet, else i might've gone bankrupt on Pumpkin Patch for #2. i bought Skechers for myself to replace my botak Crocs, and now my pinkys are sorely paying the price for it. watched Ironman2 at GSC to pass the time while Significant Other was at class; i had the whole cinema to myself, siap upgraded myself to the couples seat, just baby and me, lol. ni angkara ketinggalan zaman in the movie department heehee.

just for the record, i love staying at Batu Feringghi area. feels like you're on a holiday everyday, especially when the view of your window shows off the coastal line. me wants a house by the beach, please!

finally satisfied my Ship craving (yummy french cream of spinach!) and had good briyani + mutton as well too (i forgot to try char kuey teow! demn). i agree that Penang has the best food =D. was surprised to bump into Yahya and Maria in Penang, haha. i haven't seen or heard from them ever since they got married.

i listed down every single one of my carriers in mbw today and was surprised that i have that many *batuk* *batuk* *cekik*. aida even dreamt i owned 20 wraps (flattering, astonishing? hahahah that'll be the day). so that's a sign to move my spenditure interest elsewhere (but lix, just ONE more, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez? =D =D)

well anyway, i am soo looking forward to the weekend. i've been sleep-deprived since this morning and have yet to say hi to Dayana ever since i got back.

my agenda: to list my shoes for sale (at a loss, i need to clear out my storage), and determine what carrier to let go before they end up being display items in my closet.


LiXa the Mama Alya said...

you dare and buy another one, i'll come after you with a butcher knife! hahahah.. you promised!

E`n1x said...

the last one is an exception. tp bende lain... boleh lah. haha