May 19, 2010

breaking free...

... from compulsive spending.

i got this from MSN. you can read more details of it here. i've decided to modify things abit to fit in with the current obsession. maybe some of you can relate to this, lol.

1. Understand the phenomenon.
shopping. is. evil.

2. Know thyself.
why do we love to shop? because it's therapeutic, the rush of making the purchase. the adrenaline you get when something comes in the mail for you. then it's gone, and we do it all over again. it's a vicious cycle, really. and you end up with half the things you don't actually need.

3. Reflect on how you feel when you shop.
i feel depressed, therefore i shop. when i see how happy someone is with their recent purchase, i feel the urge to get something nice for myself to cheer myself up. especially when you don't have anyone to get to buy them for you.

4. Think about the time involved.
over-browsed until you're at the point where you dunno what to browse anymore, apart from constantly checking for mail notifications, and that can take up alot of precious time. it would be better to be doing something useful, something productive. but yet to know the 'what'.

5. Take control of the situation.
purchasing stuff using debit card only - paying with the money in hand. stashed the plastic away, only keeping one for emergency purposes. aiming to clear one card at a time. or even better, vut them up into confetti. willpower, people!

6. Start writing things down.
writing down a list of what's been bought is a real eye-opener. before this it's just 'add to cart' and 'proceed to checkout' and then wait for presents to arrive. tsk. take shots of your purchases. then only you'll realize just how much you have :bigeek:

7. Steer clear of unnecessary temptations.
stay away from online stores, mbw, nm, and tbw. hahahahahahhaha (current obsession. formerly it was ms, ts and dp). change jobs that puts you in the desert with no retailers about. risk: starving to death.

8. Find healthy alternatives.
disconnect your Broadband. get a hobby. get an income-generating hobby!

9. Expand your possibilities.
again, get a hobby. get an income-generating hobby!

10. Know when to get help.


farrahar said...

Huhu applies to me too! :D
Your Parterre, any plans?

E`n1x said...

sell? it's with Kak Faten now. i found the APLX love. kekeke. but i still love the print. ntah la. not really sure i love the harness part. maybe i'll give it another go before letting go. you?