May 14, 2010

autumn and summer

dear daddy,

autumn didn't get enough sleep last night because winter kept bugging her. she was unable to breathe properly due to the sniffles, poor thing. she kept mommy up all night with her tossing and turning. uncle taught her to drink orange juice to keep winter away, and she threw a tantrum last night at bedtime because mommy refused to give in, mommy doesn't want to ruin autumn's lovely pearls in the long run.

also, autumn prefers the more expensive milk over the cheaper one now. she has high taste like you, daddy.

summer is doing fine. summer's getting bigger now, mommy can feel it. gravity is no longer mommy's best friend.

that's all for now daddy. you take care up north. don't expand your waistband too much =P

love, mommy

p/s. autumn sends her love (and her sniffles!)

mommy is craving for an APLX and bihun now T_T

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