May 5, 2010

first teaser arrived

teaser number Uno
one of the items in my previous teaser has arrived. i had expected it to be a bit more fluffier irl. probably because of the way it's rolled up, so it got penyetted? haha. plan to use it for Baby #2 later on (and no, the gender has yet to be confirmed. i bought this in pink because it was the only pattern that i liked =P). will be going to the Gynae for my 5th month appointment this Saturday. i thought i could see her last Monday, but looks like she wasn't working the afternoon shift T_T (seronoknye jadi Gynae, do rounds, open clinic half day, perform deliveries and c-sections, and enjoy the rest of the time going for long holidays jalan sana sini. sungguh syiok).

my purchase which has got nothing to do with babywearing... lol

i have another fluffy to add to the list on the way. thought i might keep track of items that are on the way before i forget. lix says i'm so trusting for not requesting for the tracking number whenever i purchase something online (alhamdulillah, everything i've ever bought has always arrived safely, despite one being rerouted to Thailand once, haha).

worko, worko, worko = quando, quando, quando
i don't want to talk about work either. if i do, i might jinx it too. i don't know if everything is changing for the better or for the worse. we'll need to wait n see =(.

on another note, i'm supposed to buy 8 prepaid cards and register all of them under my own name for testing purposes? haiyoooooooo~~~ T_T

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