April 3, 2010

babywearing hiatus

i realized lately that i rarely babywear anymore. my 'wearee' has decided on her own that she's too big to be carried around by her mommy and prefer to don her lighted-up sneakers and prance around the house in it T_T. heck she's more interested in shoes these days. she'd go through Ashu and her grandma's shoe collection every time she stays at my parent's place. according to my mom, kecik2 sudah tere pakai terompah ok (my mom's toilet slippers). sometimes she even demands to trade shoes with her just so that she gets to wear my crocs T_T (lepas tu mommy nak pakai kasut apa???).

i rarely stalk tbw these days too, despite the exchange rate dropping at the moment (good time to buy?). it's either because the new baby hormones is still in effect (emiza has gotten the bug too, i rarely see her around online these days) or because i don't have anyone to wear. lol. i guess it's a good thing. i save money in the process (my aim: to cut another credit card into pieces!!!). but i simply haven't come across anything i like. oh i still have a teeny wishlist though =P but i haven't lost sleep over it, so i guess that's ok for now (although i totally love far's silk rs stash and i'd keep wishing to come across a silk eesti rs but so far no avail).

i kept hoarding wraps at first. biasela me, collector by nature =P or you could say rambang mata and tak ingat dunia when you get your hands on a mouse and start clicking away. my first actual utilization of a wrap was during my Singapore trip. oh you have got to love silk indios. if you're on a tight budget, a silky is the way to go (in my opinion lah). adjusting and readjusting the rings of my rs in a hurry was starting to feel like a hassle that time. and found out that that was the only wrap i should've owned. so i let go of some of the ones in my closet =P (btw, i have a cgw for sale. anyone interested?).

i'm not into SSCs because i prefer trying it out first before buying. you know how small mamas have trouble buying outfits that fit you well, be it dresses or lingerie (lol). you can imagine how stressed i was when i saw this lovely 4th Gen Pink Paisley Beco on Espresso straps on tbw one time, i love love the print but i've tried a 4th Gen irl and we just didn't click =(. o&a is out of the question too (for petite mamas so they say, i have yet to try though haha). but i actually do own one SSC, because i love love the print and because farrah had an excellent review on it and i trust her reviews =D. but i have yet to use it. hahahah. saiko tak. baik tak payah beli kan? oh well. until now i haven't bought syaz's Orbit, despite loving its perfect fit. perhaps in the near future when there are more patterns to choose from. i'm hoping for a pink paisley lookalike! lol.

i haven't been too noisy on mbw too. i just dunno what to nyampuk these days. more and more new members are joining in. i guess they're the ones taking over the hype now. it's fun to read up on how crazy one can get over carriers. reminds me of ME when i first ventured into babywearing. point to remember: never say that you'd never try something, because those words will end up being total rubbish. kekekeke.

so, like elly, am i temporary done with bbwearing? (your entry inspired me to muse on what i should do with all the carriers that i have, since they're strewn all over. keep? sell?)

i wonder what i'll go nuts about once baby #2 arrives. i guess this baby will receive most hand-me-downs from Dayana - toys, beddings, feeding utensils, clothing - depending on the gender, everything lah. hehe. for mommies with >1 child, what stuff did you buy for the next baby? what stuff did u reuse?

i better go to sleep now. tomorrow got to pick up my car. i spent a bomb for its major service. and i haven't even renewed my road tax yet. grrrr. this is the last time i service my car at its origin center. and i also have a Dr's appointment to go to. wish me luck...


myrnnss said...


sesame streets coming to town. xnak bwk dayana ke? haha.

Ariana said...

aiyoo. u got one more on the way... simpan the carriers for your addiction on the next baby... which carriers do u still have?

farrahar said...

Heh... I already went through this phase before. I didn't really visit MBW often when I was pregnant cos Adam pun was happily walking and running at that time.

When are you due? I'll be waiting to see if you're gonna go crazy BW the NB.

Itu SSC kan, not all can like it you know. It's too extreme. One either loves it or totally hates it. No in between punya. I have yet to love mine cos I'm doing more front carry than back carry ATM. If I do back carry pun only at home with my wrap. Maybe I'll try to find the love when DS2 is 6mo. Cos from what I read, that SSC is great from 7-18 months for back carry. If I find my love I might just do a custom. ^_^

Anyway for DS2 I reuse everything except baju yang sudah season. Then I bought things that I didn't get to enjoy when I had DS1. Basically all those nonsensical unnecessary stuffs, cos all the necessary I already have kan.

E`n1x said...

aya: bak kata dayana, 'naaaaaaaaak~~~!'

elly: i have, er, most of them? =P
but letting go of some la. at least i'm planning to. probably my mood will change once baby #2 arrives. but if i do now it's because i don't fancy the colors.

far: hm. no wonder senyap saja mase pregnant, keke. i'm due about the same time as Dayana's birthday (hopefully not another 3108 baby, although DH wants it to be @_@).
and yeah, ssc i prefer to back carry but until now i'm still unable to get Dayana to be cooperative with me so that's why i haven't found the love. DH does approve of my carriers but he doesn't approve if i take too long to wear them haha. wrap pun i tak pernah try backcarry. i tried once in Spore but she felt like she was going to slip out from the bottom so terus tak jadi.
i am thinking that this time around i'm going to be buying useless crap too. you just wait and see hahahaha.

adrianathani said...

awwwh...i wish i had been able to go through this when pregnant with #2 but as it turns out, #1 still wanted to be carried till he became a big bro! even then pun he still likes being worn sometimes. mengapakah??

anyway, poor afraz did get most of aqil's hand-me-downs, but I did buy (or requested that people buy as gifts, hehe) some new cloth diapers. And during the aqiqah, a lot of people gave him clothes and toys. So he did get a few brand new things :)