April 23, 2010

midnight summary update

it's 12am, i'm sleepy but i dunno why i'm not asleep yet =P.

- firstly, i thank my ex-colleague for giving me that ray of hope (and plizplizpliz let's hope this doesn't fall through this time round)

- i'm slowly getting the shopping vibe back haha. been wanting to buy something, but something invisible is holding me back (thanks to the enablers and advisors, you know who you are kekeke)

- p/s. i'm loving my slide. tremendously.

- shopping does not include anything for baby #2 yet. nononono. tsk.

- at the company's carboot sale earlier, i bought an overall, a dress and a pair of jeans for Dayana for only rm23 lol (kedekut betul Mommy Dayana ni =P)

- it's night #3 Dayana's down with diarrhea =( i'm assuming it's diarrhea though, accompanied with a mild fever. i'm thankful that's she's still eating and drinking though. improving a little after a trip to the Dr.

- i make a BAD organizer. sigh. anyone wants to pimp my bedroom?

- i have successfully procrastinated mil's birthday present. tsk. i lost mood because i got no idea how to weave in the ends. and the colors connect kinda funny. blergh.

- i have successfully procrastinated so many entries for my blog. i need a new harddisk and my photos are everywhere =(

- ever since i got back from the States, i've religiously been using moisturizer after showering. so far i've finished two bottles of lotion already, haha. my skin doesn't itch as much anymore. now i'm thinking how to lighten up the scars caused by my previously religious scratching -.-

- hey, that's a personal achievement ok. i cukup malas mau moisturize after shower. i think this was actually my 2008 resolution yg sudah basi. ahahhahahaha

- i want to get myself a signature necklace. but i'm not sure what yet.

- i have three things on the way to me. that's for cheering me up a little. yay =) christiane is confirmed to go~

hmm. maybe i should go to sleep now. g'nite!


farrahar said...

Weehuuu! I love Slide too!

E`n1x said...

yeah! you have the greatest taste. i wish i had a little bit of you and Syaz in me.
far = research trait
syaz = confidence trait
who else wanna make my list? LOL

farrahar said...

hampeh aa lilly taruk gambar kecik2! lol

i wanna know what's coming your way!

E`n1x said...

now this is what i call a teaser! hohohoho
i don't have my own photo of each item yet. so that's all for now. kekekeke