April 15, 2010

if there's such a thing as Thursday's blues

Significant Other left for Penang at 4am. and thanks to him i woke up at 9am and was late for work T_T. i was lucky i didn't have any last minute meetings to attend. i still haven't warmed up yet to my new so-called 'home', and i'm not sure if i ever will. they say if you start off as end user you will be more comfortable in the same environment than if you were to switch to vendor, and vice versa. maybe it's just me and i've had enough of the routinal requirement - design - implement - test - launch project cycle. bah. i remember wasting lots of A4 paper every week during my computer management course printing out Gantt charts berjela-jela just to keep the lecturer happy (we never did follow the chart anyway). it's never ending, this cycle. but 5 years into it makes it a bit hard to break free. unlike in the States it'd be perfectly alright if you decided to have a change of heart halfway. wasting your time, maybe, but at least you get the opportunity to pursue what you really aspire to do.

okay i'm babbling at the moment. i'm still at the office. waiting for 7pmish so that i can meet up with shishi later to hand over her wristlet which i've kept for so long (wayyy too long until the colors are starting to grow on me, each time i take it out to have a look at it, makes me wish i had bought one for myself, tsk). i haven't seen shishi like forever. nadia says her hair looks really nice now. i like shishi's hair during her curly days, made her look older and sophisticated =D. but she prefers short hair though.

accessory that comes with shishi if you buy any one of my Coach bags for sale =P~~~~

let's hope tomorrow's iPhone deal doesn't fall through. i get frustrated when people say they'll think about it but the thing is there isn't much time left to think, and by then it'll be too late.

my shopping disease has started to rekindle again, although i'm still at the stage where i can still stop to think whether i really need it or not before simply clicking the Send Funds button. things that have passed through my mind include a new bag, a snuggle nest, red waves, melkaj, hotslings, and perhaps APLX? (no thanks to someone who started asking me questions about SSC, haha). so... i haven't purchased anything yet, whee~ (although it's really tempting whenever i hear someone had recently purchased something online or anywhere else, i pulak terlebih excited haha). my brain is still hardwired to the expenses incurred during my Houston trip, and i go :O :O eash time i think about it.

i just got a call from Significant Other, he's complaining that TuneHotel's room is crazily tiny. haha. what do you expect, from a budget hotel like that? does anyone know a good place to rent in Penang for a month's duration? apartments and suites are ridiculously expensive to stay for one month even if they do give you discounts for long stays, so the only other option is to rent or sleep at the mosque, and i'm not a native islander to know these things. if you do know of a suitable place to rent, please let me know. any suggestion is appreciated =).

ok it's getting late so i'm off to meet shishi. to be frank tomorrow doesn't even feel like a Friday.


farrahar said...

Babe, ask Sis Faten of Apootaern. She can recommend you good places to stay in Penang.

Sanaa Elias said...

nice coach wristlet :D