April 14, 2010

jumpsacbaby Bali!

i can't get this out of my head now. me wants one!!!
does this mean i have to go to Bali? =D =D =D
get one of your own at Jumpsac!

ok ok enough with my cravings. i've been craving for The Ship's spaghetti & spinach but apparently Significant Other didn't get the hint *hmph*. so better i satisfy my other cravings of a different kind =P. me is suddenly thinking of getting another hotsling. and a diaper bag. and goodness knows what else.

i've slimmed my wrap stash down to 5. yay!
i wore Dayana to Tesco with my CJ the other day and i'm thinking i'm going to hold on to it for a little longer. silk is supportive! just the abit too long tail bothers me a bit.

things i've been eating alot of lately:
- magnum almond. i suddenly have cravings for vanilla. nyum nyum.
- chilli sauce. suddenly tomato sauce just don't cut it anymore

my weight hasn't increased at all much. tsk. and i'm already heading into my 20th week. one look at me and you think i'm lying about my pregnancy. until now i can still fit into my jeans. haha.

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