March 2, 2010


tips for healthy air travel while pregnant:

- Be aware of dehydration on airplanes, which can be worse when you’re pregnant.
- Make sure you have plenty of water with you, and avoid caffeine and alcohol.
- Wear support hose and shoes with adjustable straps in case your feet swell.
- As always with flying, get up and walk around the cabin every two hours or so.
- Take an eye mask and ear plugs and wear loose, comfortable clothing.
- Rest as much as possible while in the air.

well, to name a few.

updated 3rd March:

i used to love the window seat back when i was younger. i'd always want to peer out of the window watching everything turn into tiny specks as the plane soared higher and higher in the air until the view gets obstructed by clouds. i didn't like getting a window with the view of the plane's wings. haha.

these days, i'm preferring the aisle seat more, for the only reason that it's more convenient to visit the restroom, rather than to have to pick your way over people's legs to get in and out of your seat. especially if you have to go that often, like me. ever since i got past the first three months the toilet is now my #1 place to visit on a frequent basis.

heck, i don't know how anyone can stand sitting for 7 hours straight during a flight and not take even one toilet break, like the couple that sat beside me during the flight earlier. even after being served with food and drinks twice during the journey. not to mention it was cold, too. haha. the old guy advised me to take more Vit C after sneezing a couple of times during the flight. kekekeke. they're heading to Iran, btw.

so now i'm waiting for my next flight to be announced. which won't be for a couple of hours. here at 6am and the sun's already out. in malaysia? still pitch black. who could blame me for wanting to extend my sleep and snooze until 8am? =P~ unlike my first flight, the next one's duration would be about 17 hours i think. my first long haul flight after so many years. hahaha.

i see a kids playground here and barely half a day passed by and already i'm missing the little one. yesterday she was crying her head off while i was loading the car because she thought she was going to be left behind T_T. she was snoring when i left for the airport. funny that #2 gets to experience its first time travelling abroad, something Dayana hasn't experienced. haha (like that makes a difference... btw, doesn't Singapore count because we took the Aeroline =P).

so... til then =)


adrianathani said...

i definitely agree with "loose clothing" and "keep hydrated". i don't know how i managed the long flights to UK with still-nursing aqil, while i was 4 months pregnant with afraz. i guess the excitement of a vacation gives you extra energy!! where are you flying off to, dear?

E`n1x said...

i'm going to bug hubby in the states =) while i still can travel, lol. i cannot imagine travelling on flight with a kid. i have yet to experience that. hehe.

Ariana said...

window seat over seeing the wings la best!

adrianathani said...

I won't lie, it's gonna be hard! But its only a few hours ;) Don't hesitate to ask flight attendants for help.

E`n1x said...

wings? ala wings tu blocking view lah. i think both times i duduk area wing. but nevermindlah, janji i get easier toilet access kekekeke...
second flight wasn't so full, but there were quite a number of indians heading to the States... buat ape ntah...