March 24, 2010

nana = strawberry

don't ask me where she got that from. one day i handed Dayana my Dentyne Splash (which cost me almost rm6.50 but i bought it anyway because the container was kononnye cool-looking to me haha) and being the smarty pants that she is, she figured there was something edible inside the container so she started trying to figure out how to open it.

there was a picture of a strawberry and lime on it to depict the chewing gum flavor. took one look at it and started to recite the word 'nana'.

"nananananananananananana", she told me solemnly.

i thought at first she mistook the strawberry for banana.

but last weekend my mom dropped by and she also mentioned that whenever Dayana sees a picture of a strawberry, she'll start saying 'nana'.

so. strawberry is nana. haha.

the 'nana'

she used to like bananas when she was younger. now to her they're just plain weird

i've been pissed at blogger for the past 12 hours because each time i upload a photo blogger keeps rotating the photo on its own. grrrrrrr. has anyone had this experience before?


Maneesa said...

hi lily!
Where u at now ? lama senyap :)

E`n1x said...

hellow sha! i haven't been feeling that well the past few days, which explains my infrequent appearance here, lol. ntah la, i just feel emotionally and physically exhausted lately.
hope that you're okay, though =)