February 24, 2010

all for RM300

i can't believe i didn't even blog about my hardship of creating a passport my my daughter and renewing my own last year. i guess i was busy complaining about how slow immigration is on mbw that i forgot to post it here. hahaha. so here's a little reminder to myself just in case i need to renew ours in the future.

here's what you need when you want to apply/renew passport:
- Identification Card (MyKad)
- 2 copies of recent photograph with light blue background (3.5x5 cm)
- Your old passport if you have one
- RM500 for 5 years, RM100 for 2 years (for renewal only)

if you're applying for children below 18 years:
- Identification Card (MyKad of MyKid)
- Birth Certificate
- Parent’s Identification Card (parent must appear in person together with applicant)
- 2 copies of recent photograph with light blue background (3.5x5 cm)
- RM150 for 3 years, RM120 for 2 years (if i'm not mistaken)

the child must appear together with the parent while applying for the passport, and must also be present when picking up the passport.

you can imagine the number of screaming kids running around the immigration office T_T, they should at least provide a playground to let the kids vent out their steam, kakakaka (demand betul). my daughter had already lost patience and we were only halfway down the queue to verify our documents! (belum lagi tunggu nombor giliran ok, after verifying your documents they'll hand you a number and you'll have to wait again for your turn, grrr. not to mention the waiting time of two hours to pick up your passport, and even then you need to wait for your name to be called @_@).

they have a special counter for children and the elderly, so that lessens the waiting time for those cases (you know how impatient toddlers can be). i made the mistake of not checking my passport expiry date when i was applying for Dayana's passport that i ended up going to the immigration office 4 times in a row ok. gila saiko ke apa. if you want to go through a smooth process of applying for a passport i suggest you go as soon as the doors open pagi-pagi buta. else you'll waste alot of time spending time waiting in line. bring a good book if you have to. lol.

sometimes i think RM300 is alot to pay for a passport. it's worth it if you travel extensively. me? the passport i had made in 2004 only held stamps from Thailand (Phuket 05 and Bangkok 07), and Indonesia (Jakarta 09) and gosh, that's like sooo not worth my $$$.

my new passport has a stamp from Singapore. let's see if i get to put in another stamp this year. lol.

Phuket 2005

Bangkok 2007

Jakarta 2009


Yatt Sara said...

uit... gambar poyo again... gile kenagana this picture.... yg mane sumer dah gone everywhere....

E`n1x said...

everyone in the this photo dah successfully left intec daa... haha

Anonymous said...

i br tau that u r preggy!!! congrats!!!!! welcome to the mother of 2 club~~