April 18, 2017

final fantasy xv

i've been putting this off for a loOoOoOOng time ever since the husband purchased this game.
because i knew what would happen if i started.
once you start... you can't stop.
bye bye world. see you in a few weeks if you're lucky.

Prompto, Ignis, Gladiolus, Noctis

so far my only complaints/comments are:
- where are all the playable female characters??? T_T
- i still don't know how to utilize Elemency though.
- and i hate FISHING. i have ZERO patience whatsoever.
- i have vowed not to be a completionist when it comes to sidequests! (... and then... not long after making this vow i DMed a friend after i realized i missed out on obtaining a Drain Lance - kiasu much? bahahahahaha)
- every time the battle system gets more and more confusing. all i do is whack at them buttons on the controller and hope for the best.

each character has their own unique skill that may be of use throughout the game.
- Noctis: Fishing Skill. fishing???? T______T
- Gladiolus: Survival Skill. useful in the open world.
- Ignis: Cooking Skill. great for stats boosts before battles. can i hire him as my cook?
- Prompto: Photography Skill. the two photos i've included in this post was taken by Prompto, the team's skilled photographer =D.


i like how you can actually listen to songs from the previous Final Fantasy installments while driving around on the world map. i've been reliving nostalgic music of Final Fantasy VIII in the car on repeat =P~

now... if only Square Enix would re-release ff ix, ff viii and ff vii on their latest console, it would be epic! the next time you'll see me in broad daylight would be in 2 years! hahahahah. #justsayin



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