April 27, 2017

because dreaming is free

raya is coming. the fasting month is just around the corner (have you ganti puasa yet?)
most importantly, the time to figure out which-outfit-from-which-designer-shall-we-break-the-bank-for is coming too. kee~

you know it's addictive to watch instatories on instagram, right? a few people i've known from #dUCkfever recently attended the rizalman for zalora 2017 fashion show of the sorts and posted a bunch of videos taken during the event.
this morning out of sheer curiosity, i decided to visit Zalora to 'cleanse my eyes' from all those test cases i've been staring at all day in the office (lol, alasan).

these designers pandai. time their releases right, get customers into a frenzy - should they buy, should they wait? if wait nanti sold out, if buy now later other designers release nicer designs (and then menyesal), if no buy later all sold out then nothing to buy, if buy all later bankrupt, how lahhh?

wahahahhahahahhaha. *proceeds to unfollow all designers on instagram to save myself from torture*

is it just me, or is everything beautiful fetching a higher price these days? O_o
anyways, if you got the moolah to splurge, i say check the collection out, they're really pretty, not over-the-top iykwim (you can't imagine the kind of fashion people pull off these days, especially the ones where you wear your nightie on the outside LOL). #ihavenosenseoffashion

after skimming through rizalman's collection, i decided that i love the following two designs as below (photos taken from zalora.my btw). my heart nearly stopped beating when i saw the price though. #wayofoutmyleague

but berangan itu free, yes? =P
(wah, dah lama tak buat wishlist post).

cannot wait to see what other designers have in store this year for Raya.

so... have you clicked your way to happiness yet?

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