November 5, 2016

grill and bake

today is grill and bake day. the meat, i grilled. the fish, i baked.

verdict? i will always love my salmon raw. haha.

i followed the recipe on coldstoragemy's instagram for the salmon dish. it looked pretty easy to make: wrap everything with foil, add seasoning and bake for 20 minutes. only Dinara was brave enough to eat the salmon, and that's because she's a sushi lover. the kids didn't like the strong pesto taste, so i had to finish everything by myself.

the steak dish was for the husband, who complained that there was no bun and black pepper sauce just like at Coliseum #tukangmasaktakberbayar BUT he finished everything in 5 minutes flat, even i pun tak sempat nak merasa, chis. everything was thrown into the Happy Call grill. i don't know how Mashi leaves everything in the pan while she goes to mandi, i abandon my pan for 5 minutes and everything hangus. HAHAHAHA.

the kids preferred the steak dish (minus the side dishes haha) but unfortunately there wasn't enough to go around, whoops (because whenever i semangat nak masak they would have no semangat to eat, pfffft). my kids are potato freaks; the other half of the potato went into the kids' tummies. ok next time Mommy will make more, k?



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