November 2, 2016

Diwali henna partay

happy Deepavali! lol a bit late in wishing because the company is celebrating it today by holding a big Diwali lunch for its social club members (i is anti-social lol).

but i get to do hennat art! Xtina's daughter was specially invited to experiment on us =D. it isn't always you see Chinese interested in henna art. i didn't have any particular design in mind so i just told her to conteng whatever. i am in absolute awe of anyone who is able to draw freehand without requiring an eraser. this is organic henna, btw. the initial color is pale orange, but will darken in the next couple of days. very the cantik.

a friend of mine who wanted to be different that day requested for henna on the inside of his hands, lol. people say the hotter your blood, the darker the henna will be on your skin. ya kah?

updated 03/11:
i guess i'm cold-blooded HAHAHAHA

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