March 2, 2015

hijabs ready to wear

*ALL SOLD, thank you lovelies!*

FS: New Naelofar Babes & Basics, material cotton lycra, no awning, RM50 + Postage (RM6/RM10)

hello! anyone looking for easy-to-wear hijabs? i'd have to say they're perfect for people like me:

- no having to stick more than 10 pins onto your head
- you can just slip it on without wearing an inner if you please
- no need to iron (i was never an ironist, although some people do take the time to iron out the wrinkles first =P)

the ones available come in cloth and metal tags. to me they don't differ much, deciding which one to get is merely based on personal preference. the newer batches now don metal tags. and they come in many yummy colors too!

the ones in the photo below have metal tags.

the ones in the photo below have cloth tags.

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