April 23, 2013

second to last of soho progress

i've finally hauled the carpet to the unit to flatten out the edges  because they start to curl upwards after being rolled up for a long time.
and what's left to do before i lose my sanity completely:

in the bathroom:
- install water heater
- install bathroom mirror
- install towel hanger
- install toiletries stand
- replace bathroom light
- install door stopper

in the kitchen:
- add another light point
- install cabinet lights * 3
- install fridge
- plaster brackets to conceal wiring
- cabinet bracket missing

in the main hall:
- install washing machine
- figure out a way to cover up washing machine outlet
- install fan with 3 feet extender
- replace living room lights with drop down ones
- *KIV* add 4 light points (recycle original bedroom n living room lights)
- add 4 power points
- replace switch initially installed for main hall
- double check main door (not closing on itself properly)
- install door stopper

- install outdoor ceiling light
- install doorbell

- add 2 power points
- replace bedroom lights with LED lights
- touch up plastering around LED lights
- install tv
- polish stairs
- polish flooring
- touch up area around switch/plug points
- replace side table's broken wheels



things to add on:
- dresser
- bed headboard
- dustbin
- floor mats
- microwave
- cleaning utils

ganbatte kudasai... chaiyyokkkk

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