April 19, 2013

36 weeks

i'm now 36 weeks fat!

had my 35th-36th week checkup on Monday. after friday would be the 'anytime now' waiting game, which annoys me because you have no idea when that will be. today? tomorrow? lusa? tulat? next week? after voting day? especially when you have so many things left to do before delivering a baby leaves you temporarily immobile. sighhhh. am so not looking forward to a surprise delivery. baby has grown from 1.7kg to 2.2kg injust 2 weeks. i'm tired of taking so many toilet breaks, and turning from one side to another is like torture to some of the organs in my body, haha.

last Sunday i somehow lost my appetite, what a mistake that was. i ended up experiencing my first round of Braxton hicks this third pregnancy. sakittttt ok. Significant Other asked me if i wanted to head to the hospital. i merely said that i wanted to eat =P. today is probably his last week before he finishes for good at flying school. am gonna miss Langkawi, but i'm definitely not gonna miss the sun's scorching heat which rather nastily made my skin turn dull.

am in the midst of packing my hospital bag. i can't remember if the hospital provided me towels or not during my last delivery. during my first delivery at the old building at section 9 they never provided me with anything except for a small bag of toiletries. i've cleared out the kids' wardrobe and found a whole bunch of junk - unused 9oz bottles since Dinara prefers drinking from the 4oz bottles, menstrual pads people kept giving out for free at expos and fairs, a whole lot of baby wipes i totally forgot about, some blankies that i got during hospital checkups (and would like to give away or donate, anyone interested?), to name a few of many. anyone wants obimin plus? i have an unused box too. i've just completed a round of clothes washing for the baby, and still have a few more rounds to do, including washing the new towels that i've gotten for the little miss sunshine (about the only new item of clothing for the baby, the rest is 100% reuse recycle). the cot is still untouched, and the car seat is still stored on top of the cabinet in the guest room.

next week my gynae has set an appointment with me for a ctg scan, i don't think i've ever done one before save for a few hours before i delivered Dayana, and not even once during my second pregnancy because i kept delaying appointments as my due date got closer. on the day i delivered Dinara pun tak sempat nak do any kind of check up, i kinda admitted myself into hospital at the last minute, hebat sangat konon (actually i was waiting for Significant Other to finish bathing T_T).

i gave up looking for my nursing cover. i reckon i'd come across it when i'm not even looking for it. i've already overhauled the kids room and my closets, still no nursing cover T_T (but i found my dot's training pants which i misplaced, hahah). i'm tired of running out of storage space in my room. as the years go by, total number of accumulated stuff pun increase. i'm slowly learning how to throw stuff away without mercy, no kidding. i recently threw out a 6-year old bottle of expired perfume, sayang konon. but the smell absolutely gives me a headache. the only setback of recycling clothing from one baby to the next is those yellowish spots they tend to get over time. but the baby won't mind. wait for another 2 years or so for her to start having fashion sense, like how Dinara is at the moment. hari2 dia boleh pakai baju yang sama, if she doesn't get what she wants, mengamuklah cik kiah tu takmo pakai baju. tsk.

btw, LTE is now available for iPhone5 users (and other selected mobile devices) at certain locations only. download speeds up to more than 40Mbps, kalah unifi Significant Other says. mana aci iPhone4s tak dapat ok. in fact, i keep getting E these days, which doesn't justify the price i'm paying to maxis for my data plan.

both kids are having fever right now. mommy yang penat. at least the eldest takes her meds. the youngest one puts up a fight like we're trying to poison her, sigh. hope you're having a jolly good weekend. all i wanna do right now is put up a fight with the dust in SOHO. haha. nesting, much?

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