May 1, 2013

i'm still here

you know sometimes you wish for something, hopefully wanting it to come true?

well. i was shy 2-3 weeks away from my due date and by that time i was literally feeling like a whale - constantly out of breath, looking bloated and humungous, alternating between outfits because there was nothing in your closet flattering enough to wear, experiencing back pains, eyesight going out of whack due to unstable hormones, et cetera et cetera. heck my brain was in shutdown mode, i refused to allow new information enter my brain. i was already too tired to go to the office T__T.

the only thing that kept repeating through my head was: deliver. now.

if i ever have the privilege to be pregnant again in the near future, i'm just gonna tell everyone the actual due date of the delivery as told by my Doctor. i think i jinxed everything the moment i opened my big mouth saying that the baby might pop out by the end of April. whoever said that the EDD of subsequent pregnancies will be much earlier compared to your previous pregnancy(ies) is hogwash. week 38 and i'm still FAT.

did i tell you the baby never allows me to settle in a comfortable sleeping position at night? oooh she is one happy clam, depriving mommy of contractions whatsoever to indicate her arrival. i don't think i even experienced a single baxter hicks.

here's to another long wait. some people purposely go on maternity early to prepare for the little one's arrival, but if your little one still hasn't made an appearance by then, wouldn't those days go to waste? well that's me lah. whole point is to spend it WITH her, not with her still IN YOU haha.

happy Labor Day!

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