August 1, 2012


i find it amusing that there are some people who have never heard of the term 'param'.

param = pasar + ramadhan, no?

the name distinguishes itself from all the other weekly pasar malams.
you could probably call the rest as 'palam' then. HAHA
*scratch head*

well anyways. i usually don't like going to params mainly because at one point it gets too crowded and i'd get pissed off because i can't get parking, not to mention the massive jams at the infamous SA roundabouts @_@ and you might probably end up buying too much food for berbuka.

i asked bil to get us nasi tomato one day and he literally did that - he bought us just the nasi. no ayam or kuah whatsoever @_@. seriously, who eats nasi tomato on its own? so i decided to brave the crowd with Dayana one day - it's been two days already. she enjoys these excursions. was able to reach param at 5.30ish so the crowd wasn't so bad then.

whenever going to param, always remember not to buy like there's no food tomorrow.

day 1 at param: (otw to Bangi)
- roti john rm3.80
- kebab pita rm6

day 2 at param:
- air bunga rm2
- samosa rm3

day 3 at param:
- chicken kebab rm5.50
- murtabak maggi rm2.20
- dayana's drink rm1
- dayana' bihun goreng rm2.50

today am going for iftar with my colleagues, probably heading to Bumbu Desa (which i'm not really sure what i'd want to eat over there). i didn't join last year's iftar because of what reason i can't remember what, so somehow i would seem to be quite anti-social if i didn't attend this year's iftar =P.

today they officiated the company's new office level, apparently one floor can't fit 200+ people so some of us were thrown to a new floor. the downside of moving is that the new cubicles seem to have been adapted with an open concept, there is no privacy between you and your neighbor and you're forced to share your chips during tea time, but without even having to stand up from your chair.

the pantry comes equipped with its own tv, and we even have a vending machine! how kewl is that? (i do hope they replenish it often else no point). since we aren't allowed to wheel our drawers downstairs, i have a lot of junk to get rid of. anyone wants them blue Didymos boxes before i throw them out?


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