June 23, 2012

up to some sort of good

ok so for the past few days i've been busy... sort of. i realized i had so much free time all of a sudden (sunyi sepi is more like it... macam tak pernah terperasan... ouch) this is what i did last night at 1am:

fishy soup... half finished already

gigih ok. i had already bought all the ingredients the day before, but i fell asleep as soon as got back from work and only woke up at 10pm T_T. being the undomestic person that i am, i had quite a time figuring out what was what at the supermarket. especially the spices.

lemongrass tu serai rupanya. chives was what again...?

bunga lawang... bunga cengih... kayu manis... @_@

i came back with a bunch of spices in pre-packed packets. the maid said i had enough spices to last me a year hahahahah.

... almost fainted at how much fish cost these days. seb baik time tu i tak tamak amik lebih. huhu~

well anyway, i took my own sweet time rounding up everything (kalau ade org lapar tu i would recommend looking for an appetizer dulu haha). i'm reminded of Mak Long. she's really something in the kitchen, lol.

the ingredients

i wonder if i put too much water, because at first taste i was reminded of salt water. hahahahaha. but it turned out edible. it wasn't spicy enough so apart from the crushed pepper i put in, i added tons of white pepper powder to make it more spicy. next time i should put in a whole carrot instead of half. and bawang besar (but i realize i only like them if i boil them to oblivion).

lasted me three rounds. ok la for a dummy beginner like me. for those who think they're intermediate or expert, please roll your eyes elsewhere ok?

today (Saturday) i had a dental appointment at the usual dentist i go to in KJ. needed to do something about my bleeding gums. i brought Dayana along to show her that whatever you see in dentist horror films are actually true bwahahaha what dentists are about. usually Dr. Sinniah would be the attending Dr., but today the Dr. i met was the son (there used to be another Dr. but he seemed to have poofed). anyway, he said i had good teeth =D (lol Aya... ooo Aya... sila pengsan plis =P~) despite having done my last scaling in 2006. my teeth feels all shiny now. prices seemed to have increased though. luckily there's company claim.

after my fishy escapade, i was tempted to try ayam goreng kicap. this time round, i got the recipe from my friend Nurul.

(recipe here).

since i was on a roll, after seeing the dentist i dropped by Tesco to get stuff. Nurul mentioned that kicap abc was good with anything (does it trump kicap kipas udang? i wonder) so i decided to give the brand a go. siap tangkap gambar kasi confirm sama Nurul hahahahah.

heinz rupanya. macam heinz ketchup kah?

will try this later and update you on whether it turned out to be a disaster or not. the last time i attempted to cook kari ayam from mom's recipe, it turned out weird. ugh. now where did i put that recipe...

will be going out later for an eye checkup. busy busy...


shopping with impaired vision is no fun. especially when you need to take off your glasses to see things up close. i'm squinting at the monitor as i type this. huhu.

oh btw, thanks to iza's post, i caved and bought something for Dayana:

girls will be girls. from Elmo and Dora to Barbie Dolls and Disney Princesses... i do wish Tinkerbell would stand up properly. she's gonna 'donate' that one to Dinara... -__- i have the tiniest urge to get another set for myself to decorate my cubicle haha.


myrnnss said...

wawweeee kak ly masak!! haha.
n chehhh, habis tu asal bleeding gum?

E`n1x said...

ntah. dia ckp my teeth looks ok (i'm no dentist anyway so dunno la if he meant anything else) but dia suh kumur ngan salt water morning n night.