June 14, 2012

pretty in Dayana's eyes

was Facetiming with Significant Other last evening in front of the TV. i had my glasses off.

Dayana came to me and said, "Mommy, pakai glasses la Mommy!"

(dia ni pantang tengok anomalies - if i only have a top on without any bottom, she'll insist that i wear pants immediately, or if it's bedtime she'll insist i change into baju tido, etc.)

then Daddy asked her, "Mommy nampak pretty tak kalau Mommy pakai glasses ke tak pakai glasses?"

she thought for a moment, then she replied "pakai glasses lah".

so i asked her, "Daddy pretty tak?" dia cakap tak. when i asked her why? she answered, "sebab Daddy tak pakai glasses". hahahaha.

but when i asked her if she and adik were pretty or not, she said "pretty lah!". which is kinda contradicting because both of them don't wear glasses either. LOL.

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