June 19, 2012

empty Tuesday

i say empty because work's done. so no quarreling over who gets which environment. phew.

marimekko KP red straps standard/standard with red sv, stuffable sv flat hood. *SOLD* was a pleasure to own, despite rarely wearing it. or not at all -___-.

i'm guessing your new owner will make full use of you =D.

i'm down to only two SSCs now. although, i'm bb and ocah curious... *slaps self back to reality*

this is what i had for lunch today:

spicy smoked beef pasta

frankly, i no like it. it's a bit spicy for my liking. their spaghetti dish with the black pepper chicken is ridiculously spicy T__T. actually i'm crossing SweetChat off my list for lunch, i don't really fancy the food there, save for their desserts (you gotta give their banana or durian pancake a try). i've been craving for spaghetti these past few days. been craving for the spaghetti at level 3's food court but at the moment they're closed for renovation until December, and i don't know where they relocated to. can they afford total shutdown for that many months? @_@

for some reason pay day seems like aeons away. can i go for a makeover?

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