January 12, 2012

mommy's birthday

it was my mom's birthday yesterday.
sorry no cake this year, tukang sponsor kek tengah jauh nun di penang.
probably next year mommy boleh dapat free dental inspection once the aspiring doctor comes home =P.

happy XXth birthday Mommy! we *heart* you!

had a small rushed birthday dinner last night. some pics:

the birthday person

cik kiah #1

the sleepyhead


the menu (the restaurant name was Islamic something)

muka terkexut tengok waiter

kids food; Dayana bantai pizza, Dinara munched on fries

spaghetti vongole, a bit too oily

anakku curik minumanku

sleepyhead kelaparan sebenarnya =P

highlights of the day:
1. each time Dinara finished a fry she expertly wiped her greasy hands all over my jeans

2. after downing a slice of pizza, Dayana came up to me and threw up all over my jeans

3. Dayana hid behind my mom's chair to do her 'business'.

but the best highlight of all:
4. the mom's look on her face when she thought only a card and dinner was enough. lol.

sorry mommy, didn't know what you'd like, but i hope u love it anyway =)

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