January 27, 2012

a little something before i head home

a funny snippet i took from Facebook's newsfeed.
pssst. Dini, this is for you! =P~

aaaaaaandddd.... meet my annoying brother-in-law, the one that came back to Malaysia for just 6 days before going back to the UK T____T.

he's currently holidaying in Bangkok, hopefully not going 'bengkok' as what his mom keeps telling him not to become while there.

p/s. isn't the cutie pie in the pic with him adorable???? =P~~~

1 comment:

Honey said...

AAAHAHAHAHA!!! awesome!
you can expand it further. it actually went like this:
OMG I just cut my hair really short! (it was not planned)
OMG it's toooo short. not sure I like it! hmm
OMG I'm loving it!
OMG it's growing, not sure I like this stage!
OMG I miss my long hairrr!

ok now you can start drawing again ;D HAHAHA...

and so, when's your turn? <3