July 5, 2010

tesco sucks being a first

i never had any hard feelings against Tesco. but yesterday was a different matter.

i always get dot's stock of diapers and formula from Tesco, paticularly because they're always available there as compared to other places (buang karan only if you berebut parking only to find that the items you wanna buy are out of stock, tsk).

so anyway, yesterday at about 10pm-ish i went to Tesco hoping i could just grab what i wanted (which were a couple of 'neccessities'), pay and drive off. simple pimple.

you think?

the first thing that got me annoyed when i arrived was there were absolutely no shopping carts at the trolley bay where they're supposed to be. NONE. wth? i had to practically stalk the parking lots for an abandoned shopping cart.

time wasted: 10 minutes looking for a shopping trolley

so i proceeded to get the things i wanted, plus a little extra. most of the fruits looked old and were in such a sad state, tak jadi borong for Significant Other. don't they restock? lately each time i drop by for fruits, they look too pathetic to be bought i end up having to buy elsewhere.

the second thing i got annoyed with was when i tried to look for the new Cheezels biscuit i bought for myself last week (i starve frequently in the office lately, sigh) i couldn't find any trace of it. i mean, just last week they were having a promotion to introduce the new product, and now when i want to come back for more, POOF hilang terus di muka bumi Tesco?? it's not as if food can go out of fashion, hahahahahahha.

time wasted: 10 - 15 minutes checking all the aisles in case i missed it

ok so when i wanted to pay for my stuff the lines were very very long, and half the lanes were 'cash only'. i got pissed off again because they only opened so few counters to handle the huge crowd. they should just tear down their stupid sign that says 'if there are more than two customers in front of you, we will open up a new lane' or some nonsense wordings like that. just because it's close to midnight doesn't mean you should treat your late night shoppers any less.

ot: there were alot of uni students buying stuff at this hour. telltale purchases include: 2-3 baldi, mop, super strong floor cleaner, super single bedsheet set, just to name a few. hahahaha.

so there i was, lining up for the past 10 minutes at a counter that was moving considerably slow (but good enough for me) until this guy queueing in front of me called his wife over from the other lane. and you know the 'best' part? they each had two shopping carts filled to the brim with teeny weeny items that took ages to unload, check out, and reload back into the cart, it's like they haven't been grocery shopping for the past three months and were stocking up for winter. wth??? i was okay with that one shopping cart (family la kan, i get it), but when the husband called his wife to join in on the queue as well who also had a trolley with a load the size of Mount Everest, i think that was a really unfair move to those queueing behind them. with the extra trolley that had that many items to check out, we had to double our wait in line. i mean, seriously!

time wasted: 10 minutes + another 10 minutes for the extra bloody cart to be scanned.

[maybe it's just the hormones of a pregnant lady who had to stand in line for a really long time, it got on her nerves that there wasn't any special lanes for the pregnant, disabled or the elderly =P.]

and then the cashier had to put the 'counter closed' sign when it got to the husband and wifey's turn. no way in hell am i going to move on to another line, especially since they had me wait in line like forever, just because some people don't want to open a few more check out lanes to make their customers happy. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (sakit hatiiiiiiiii). i was really pissed for wasting my time, i didn't even thank the cashier as he handed me my receipt. and i only found out that 'no plastic bag day' has extended to Sunday as well. pfffft.

i passed the couple on my way out of the parking lot. they were still unloading their second shopping cart contents into their Myvi. blergh. i don't think the Myvi could even fit all the stuff they bought.

since they have an express lane for 'items below 10', i think they should have a lane for 'items exceeding 1 shopping cart'. i mean seriously. gila apa? i spent more time waiting in line than actually going round the supermarket looking for the things i need. and i didn't even manage to find my Cheezels!

buck up your service la Tesco. mana pergi ntah all the trolleys? and pick up speed on your check out services. and tolonglah restock accordingly.


i went to the post office today during lunch hour to send off a few more items. indeed, postal services charges have really increased like nobody's business. i heard the lady behind the counter mention that for normal mail the charge would be 60sen?? (i can't remember the last time i wrote anyone a snail mail, ever since technology took over the world). i spent rm15.30 for postage, and that's not even poslaju -.-

(btw, thank you very much for your purchases, much appreciated in helping to make more room in my closet =)).

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