July 22, 2010

my apple fruit

so after alot of sweet promises, i finally got this beauty on Tuesday. wasn't surprised that Significant Other wasn't swooning over my new toy when i first brought it back, since he already had one of his own to play with. lain lah if i had gotten the 4g, then he'd be green with envy and demand i exchange with him, haha.

i had already bought the casing last weekend to avoid heartbreak (i am a scratch freak. i am a dust freak. i remember selling off and buying the exact phone model just because i tak puas hati no thanks to those two irritating factors, tsk). but i am thinking that Significant Other's less-than-exciting Speck actually does its intended job much better than my Rebel Serpent would ever do (mine looks pretty je lebih but i don't care haha). not to mention his casing was way much cheaper than mine. seems like beauty does have a price. lol!

bah. have i told you i am technology-challenged?

so i am now trying to figure out what is so exciting about the 3Gs. the only few things that i am currently happy about is i get to check my mail and go online without having to hijack someone's PC when i'm on the go (i have yet to get my own mini laptop to lug around), not to forget the screen is wide enough for my liking to be able to surf comfortably without squinting my eyeballs out, as compared to the lousy htc i had to use previously (me no likey htc, it gets hot when in use and during charging and lags like no tomorrow).

although i must say, i am a bit frazzled that i'm unable to text while driving anymore =P.

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Ummi to Hamzah said...

Hv fun exploring ur iphone lilly!! I felt the same too bout texting while driving haha, can do that no more la if w iphone ;)