February 5, 2010

congrates equals yucks

a mistake everyone makes that gets on my nerves.

congrates != congrats

congrates might just as well be the plural for congrate, if that's even a word to begin with. i might be overreacting, but each time i see the word, i see the word 'cong-greayts'.

another common mistake i hear is this: "THAT'S mean... bla bla bla".what the heck is THAT's mean??? it translates into "that is mean... yada yada". my God. this is the typical mistake many Malaysians love to make. i have a friend who has this habit. i've never managed to correct her 'til now. tsk.

i got sick of all the 'congrates' on fb. haha.

today is Friday. miraculously i wasn't that sleepy compared to the previous days where i would wander around aimlessly, heading to the toilet, heading to refill my cup, heading to the cafe to clear my head, trying my hardest to stay awake. probably because it's Friday? (but it doesn't feel like Friday to me). gosh i got a ton of documents to read up on.

i saw Mr. I today. he sooo reminds me of Mr. Kecik last time, only fairer. i wonder if he's taken? lol.

while i'm busy slaving here in the middle of nowhere, Significant Other bought himself a pair of new feet. unfair! =P. i wish there was a post office downstairs. i could even get a kick out of mailing things, or licking stamps even. hahahahaha.

obviously this is a bored entry. i was so bored i added a new ticker to my blog =P.


Anonymous said...

Grammar Nazi! :P

I am so excited about your second pie!

adrianathani said...

Hahaha! I agree with you..."congrates" is just grating! A couple of my other pet peeves are "they're/their" and "your/you're".

NEEZAneedles said...

'congrates' on your 2nd one.. heheheh..

i'm interested to know more on wrap destashed. how can i contact you?

E`n1x said...

munira : what to do. it's irritating. haha.

adrin: agreed!

neeza: lol. what u wanna know about my wrap destashing? u wanna help me to destash? =P.