January 27, 2010

the color yellow

yellow is currently dominating my life.
my temporary office tag is yellow.
my car sticker is yellow.
my toolbox is yellow.
my egg sandwich is yellow.

my current status here? these are what i know.

people here love to use the stairs. they're always on the go, lugging their heavy hp laptops along. as far as i remember in klcc, selagi ade lifts in the vincinity, tunggu lama-lama pun takpe, janji dapat naik lift. kononnye lagi cepat sampai. kekeke.

the open concept is a new thing for me. for 5 years i've been so used to chucking things under my table, along with personal tokens + other unneccessary rubbish + dust. they say you can judge how long an employee has been with the company by just taking a look at their cubicle. heehee. i left the company with a huge box full of personal items and a couple of paper bags full to the brim, i had to borrow a trolley to get everything to my car. here? you get to choose where to wanna sit each day. your only source of storage is a locker, big enough to fit your toolbox and other loose personal items. the term 'open' being if you decide to dig your nose or doze off to sleep in your chair, other people can definitely see you doing it, no doubt about it. haha.

as of now i have yet to meet my team members. i think i know the plan & design team better than my own team.

it sucks that there's no shopping complex beneath us. bosan je boleh turun makan, or turun pergi posto, or pergi pharmacy, or just flit in and out of stores to check out the sales (and habiskan duit unneccesarily haha). here i have no idea where to go whenever i feel like dozing off to sleep after lunch. there aren't much choices to eat here unless you drive out.

one of the perks is that i don't have to pay toll and parking.

there's no fixed line. so your mobile is your lifeline. always keep the batteries charged. hahaha (mine as i am typing this tengah flashing low battery, chis).

you can actually get yourself lost looking for the appropriate meeting rooms. i haven't had that problem yet. i'm sticking to my little island for now. just because it's an open concept doesn't mean that people aren't territorial. after a while you'll notice that some people tend to stick to their familiarity. which is why i'm not sure if i'll ever get used to this kind of environment.

i think every office is programmed to freeze their employees to death. here and there? sama saja beku.

hm. belum lagi mengomel pasal the other things that i have to complete @@. i go back home always in tired mode. when will my tak-sedap-badan feeling vanish?

p/s. and no. i have yet to see the YCF roaming around in the building.

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