November 16, 2015

my gula baker

one fine day, i came across this in instagram:

and immediately sms-ed the number to register Dayana. haha.
she did mention that one of her ambitions was to be a baker, hoho
but the last time i asked her and Dinara to bake cookies with me, both of them ended up MIA and i found them upstairs snoring on my bedroom floor T___T.

apparently Gula Cakery was only 15 minutes from the house. been meaning to drop by to try their awesome food (their cakes i hear are awesome, the last time they had a bazaar at SACC Mall they were sold out by the time i arrived, sobs). sil has taken classes before with them and has nothing to say but good things about them. so i is smitten!

the little monster at the start of class:

while waiting for her to finish, i headed upstairs to their cafe. Sunday was nasi kerabu and kuey teow day. but since i was alone and have never tried their cakes before (i've been dying to try one since like forever), i decided on a slice of Peanut Butter and Chocolate cake + a pot of hot tea.

... and did a bit of crappy journaling with whatever things i had in my bag.

i forgot that Gula Cakery had a small section in the cafe specially designed for kids; i left the other kids at home because a) i didn't want Dinara to feel left out because she wasn't registered for the class, and b) too many kids in a restaurant + no form of entertainment = no peace for Mommy.
i'm coming again next time with the kids, Nani.

3.30pm i went downstairs to see what had become of my little baker. Nani told me she was really quiet but followed whatever she was told to do. Nani asked me if Dayana bakes at home, or if she was the one that had wanted to take the class; i told her NEVER (IT WAS ALL MY IDEA) hahahhahahah.

see my daughter's expression? so much enthusiasm there.

Nani was/is really awesome. she oozes with so much enthusiasm it's hard to hate her. haha. she has this never-ending positive vibe that really works for her. did i mention to you that it's infectious as well?

Dayana was happy to take a photo with Nani:

and by the end of the class she was really excited over her cupcakes.
btw, that background reminds me of that pink sprinkle washi i have at home. LOL.

school holiday's coming up and i'm gonna have to think of ways to keep the kids occupied other than being in front of the iPad all day. she managed to learn from Daddy on how to hook up the iPad display to the tv, so she's been watching youtube all day on the big screen T___T.

11-G & 11-1, Jalan Anggerik Aranda,
BG 31/BG, Kota Kemuning,
Shah Alam, Selangor.

Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 12-8pm (unless revised otherwise)

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