November 9, 2015

mcD nanoblocks

trying to own the whole collection was a pain in the ass, really. you couldn't even begin to imagine just how many crazy people are out there who actually collects these stuff. some even bought to resell them for a wayyy higher price than the original RM6. cray cray.

me? i'm not a collector. i don't even own a nanoblock prior to the McD edition. i just bought them because the burger was cute. and you can't just stop at one, could you? might as well own the whole collection. LOL.

Lita is the person i blame; if it wasn't for her i wouldn't know about these blocks. and then Dayana la yang sibuk to remind me to go get all the nanoblocks at every single release. haha. unlike the usual nanoblocks which you have to assemble yourself, the McD nanoblocks come in one piece. i guess that's why my bil joined the bandwagon too late, he didn't know they were nanoblocks! (i did ask him too search for them in Miri, apparently orang Miri pun gila collect lol).

1st release, the French Fries and the Big Mac

a few days after its release these blocks were still readily available; apparently Malaysians didn't know about this fantabulous offer yet =P. i bought an ice cream cone just to purchase the nanoblock (haha with any purchase maa), only to find out that the burger wasn't available. no worry, that night when picking up the husband at klia, i made a detour to McD to get the burger, i even managed to get another one for my friend as well.

2nd release, the mcFlurry and Apple Pie

i left for work extra early that day to go line up at McD downstairs, haha. but i wasn't the only one, there were many others who already beat me to it. it wasn't the kids, but rather, almost every single adult dining in had a pair of nanoblocks on their tray. i had to purchase two breakfast sets because i was also buying one set for my friend.
then later another one of my friend called saying the McD in her area sold out already, could i kindly find a set for her as well? T__T. downstairs was already sold out by lunchtime but luckily i was on half day that day so i managed to get a set for her in my neighborhood. even my brother managed to get me an extra set after his class (for another friend of mine) (i have three other crazy nanoblocks friends just so you know). again, at this time i'm guessing that people still haven't got caught up in the craze.

3rd release, the Cold Cup and McCafe

for this release i purchased my set on the way to klia while sending the husband to work. i drove-thru, and they told me that you could only purchase one set of nanoblocks per receipt. so i was like ok, yay i oledi got mine no need to worry. then my friend called me up to say the drive-thrus at her area sold out again because they released the nanoblocks since midnight (wth). so in the evening i tried calling several outlets but they told me they were all sold out T___T, even the outlet i bought mine from. but by some miracle another one of my friend managed to get an extra pair from Setia City Mall. haha. i was one set short though =(
the McD guy on the phone told me for the last release, i should drop by early as only limited quantities were available. (and so we start to question them (as how we love to question dUCk), how many were released??? 10??? bahahhahaha).

4. 4th release, the McD Restaurant

and so by this time you should know that everyone knew about these nanoblocks. even my boss pinged me at midnight to show me the queue forming at the outlet he was at (naturally, he was one of the crazy ones too hahaha). i was ASLEEP at the time, luckily the phone woke me up so without bothering to get dressed, i got into my car and drove to the nearest drive-thru. so ok la, the crowd at the outlet i went to wasn't as bad as the one my boss was at, so by the time it was my turn i managed to get one for myself, whee (the guy told me that only 4 was left, and didn't i go around a second time to get these nanoblocks? T_T) (no, i did not haha).
i think by 3am most 24-hour outlets were sold out already, lol.
i had to pickup my passport that morning and there was another McD outlet downstairs that hadn't yet open, but a small crowd was starting to form at the doors. since i didn't have to wait long at JPN, i went to join the crowd, lol. there were some people crazy enough to line up a second and third time just to get more nanoblocks, gigih ok. managed to get extras for my friends too. luckily they belanje me makan for doing this, hahahaha.

so, here's my Dayana's whole collection of McD nanoblocks:

Lita's collecting the Lego series from Shell, and asked me if i wanted to join in...?
er, maybe next time haha.

p/s. muak with mcD right now!

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