September 7, 2015

stewie and uppy in memory

two of my wraps left home recently. they were destined for greater love. i was happy to have been able to own them, even if it was only for awhile.

Stewed Rhubarb Handmade left to live with a diso mama in the US. this one was special to me because it came from the weaver's collection. i waited forever to this unicorn to come along. it has weft changes on one tail, making it unique in its own way. it still is my unicorn :) maybe one day it'll come back to me, who knows. i know the new owner is loving it to pieces :) (and i hope she remembers dibs :D)

SRH Ukee, Fuschia Weft

Uppymama Shooting Star has been another one of my iso since 2014 when uppys were highly coveted (now not much so due to another slightly overrated brand) but i've always loved this one, mainly because it's pastel and i love the color combination - cream weft makes the warp colors pop. i'm reminded of that Rainbow Revolutions Pamir that i've always wanted but has always been out of my reach. the only drawback is that it's a size 6 and i don't really do size 6s that well. anyway, it's already in the States as well now, also being equally loved :) also happy that i'm able to have once owned this before.

Uppymama Shooting Star, Cream Weft

so here's what i'm left with, more or less. pretty much different from the previous years eh? LOL. the four that i can't bring myself to let go. yet.

stash shot, Septermber 2015

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Fairus Fuzi said...

Hi. Sis punya wrap semua cantik². Ada wrap yg nk let go tak? Jatuh cinta tgk wrap didymos sis