November 11, 2013

what we did on Sunday

yesterday was Dayana's first swimming class. we introduced Dayana to swimming at quite a late stage in her life, which resulted in her disliking the sea and swimming pools if the water level is higher than her knee. the best she will do is to sit by the poolside splashing her legs in the water T_T. you'd practically have to drag her into the water, and she'd definitely put up a fight kicking and screaming, even after wearing her floaties.


Dinara suffered the same fate as well.

as a precaution, we took Dira into the pool as young as 4 months old. haha.

nedd was gonna send her kiddos for swimming classes at DSA in Shah Alam, so we thought of sending Dayana and Dinara there too. they had a Learn2Swim program 4 times a month, 50 minutes per session for Dayana, and a special Lil'Swimmers program for children below 5 years old that only starts next year. each time i asked Dayana if she wanted to learn how to swim, she gave me all kinds of excuses, like 'maybe next time', or 'it's hot'. but on the day of her first class she was quite cooperative in wearing her swimsuit and all.

classes were held at Kompleks Sugan Negara (Panasonic) at Seksyen 21 Shah Alam, just beside the Memorial Park. i didn't know that KSN is open for the public, i only know about the public pool beside Tesco, situ memang ramai orang during weekends @_@. upon registration they'll give you an attendance card which will be replaced monthly. if you lost the card, you need to pay rm20 T_T.

i got Dayana her own pink goggles to motivate her to swim (matila kalau Dinara tau). there weren't many kids in her class. it seemed like about 2 other kids were water-phobic like Dayana was. so the teacher brought them to the wading pool instead. for that day's lesson the teacher taught them how to breathe and hold their breath when swimming, not an easy thing to teach especially if the kid panics easily.

i forgot to mention that wading pools are ok with Dayana. we went to Grand Lexis and she had such a fun time on her own at the wading pool, which was complete with a water playground and everything. but i think she was ok with her swim class because there were other children about her age too. if nak harapkan her mommy and daddy, we'd have left her floating all by herself in the middle of the pool, bahahahaha. she said she couldn't wait to come again next week.

DSA - D'Swim Academy
Lot 4, Persiaran Perkilangan Section 21,40300 Shah Alam
Tel: +603 8996 2213

i didn't attend the IBW walk yesterday, but a good many people turned up for the event, kudos to them. me and the family went to Pavillion about 2ish since Daddy wanted to go catalog-shopping. even bil tagged along. i give up trying to get Dira used to the stroller, she doesn't last long in it. i'd end up carrying her while the other two conquer the stroller.

i also give up trying to work with carriers shorter than 3.6m unless it's for back carry. looks like iris may or may not be living with us for long. pity really. i love the color.

etla iris 3.3m, peach weft

we had dinner at Ben's! since Dira didn't want to sit in her stroller i had to juggle between eating and keeping her grubby hands away from the plates (she dipped her hands twice in my spaghetti @_@). and Dayana haaad to chose that very moment to want to go to the toilet, gahhhhh. small mishaps aside, the food was good, i ordered myself rootbeer float =D.

looks like me, much?

parking is rm15 btw. cekik darah kotz!

i also managed to clean out my car, with three kids junk easily accumulates in the car @_@. i think Significant Other is right in saying one of the cars needs to be upgraded to an MPV. with just the stroller alone, penuh satu boot!

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