October 12, 2012

bring your wife to school day

i finally got the chance to view what was behind that ugly old building. the only occasional view i do get usually involves the instructors or the students getting 'fresh air' outside the building. building is an understatement. it was more like a hangar, or something. despite not having much shelter from the elements, there were quite a number of planes hidden behind those walls.

met some of the instructors too. did you know one of the captain's name was romaine chomel? LOL

i found this plane, parked serenely under the shade.see that ugly building behind it? that's the ugly building i was talking about.

DA42, twin engine
he's still stuck flying DA40s for now
i got the chance to sit in the cockpit of a DA40! ok too bad i didn't get to fly in it, but the maintenance staff had to start the engine for abit, so it was kinda cool to see the dashboard lit up. God knows what each panel means. did i mention that it's stuffy in there? no wonder somebody requested a fan.

sticking to passenger mode only please
the old ugly building owned by them
more planes. some of them aren't even being used. retired perhaps?
PPL license holder. ade rupe pilot tak? ahahahhaha
thanks for the field trip, love. now if only i get to backseat. the last mini plane ride i've been on was with JFK over a year ago. these planes remind me of paper airplanes really.

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