October 8, 2012

adam & hawa

granted, i haven't been updating this blog as often as i should. i've been totally under the weather, something i've never experienced with my past two children. sigh. like i said to Deens, i'm totally eating my words now. and i've still got so many more days to go.


well anyway, i bet i'll be having a number of backdated posts one of these days, so just drop by whenever.

in the meantime, let me just mention here my latest must-see show every week (apart from Glee of course):

Adam & Hawa! love her hair, love the bars =P
norley la yg sibuk promote cerita ni kat blog dia. and i merely mentioned about it to Significant Other, mainly because of the *ahem* bars on AA's shoulder (although i did wish that his role in the series was more than just 'pulling luggage around the airport' lol). thanks to Astro On the Go, who became Adam & Hawa's latest victim?


the last Malay drama series that i remember Significant Other follow was the one with that Bella character innit (i remember him losing sleep over it, watching back-to-back via tonton). and yep, Significant Other follows Adam & Hawa too, although i forgot how he actually started watching it in the first place given that the show was already a number of episodes in already. in fact, he was the one that got me to watch it, hahaha. and i'm not even a Malay drama fan to begin with. this one's an exception probably because aaron aziz's innit (noli your racun does wonders hahahaha). nadiya nisaa's not bad either, even though she didn't strike me as pretty initially. but she makes a good Ain.

since the series was gonna last for about 80 episodes, i got kinda curious as to what else could happen since the Mekah episode was already up in episode 24, so after pestering noli about the jalan cerita and coming up with absolutely nothing ('something happened', according to noli, chis!), i went to MPH... and bought the book. mwahahahhahaha, Significant Other is pissed. too bad for me i couldn't get the cover version with Aaron Aziz's face on it. noli has both cover versions, btw. heehee~~~

(pic here)

ok i really need to go downstairs to the bank now. earlier i tapaued spaghetti grill's aglio olio for lunch and it really doesn't taste so nice (i really wonder how mashi managed to order the same thing each time we dined there). i totally forgot that today we preordered nasi lemak from kak long. hope that'll last til tea time.



scudmami said...

best lah drama ni... moreso sbb ada AA tau... :P

Unknown said...

Bila pulak I convince you to watch this? More like you were telling me to watch it ... now I'm hooked ... I blame you for this ... less time for me to study now ... lalala ...