February 1, 2011

rosa and rosie meets mister P

lol. i found it amusing when my friend sent me the above pm via whatsapp this morning:

"Rosie and Rosa must meet Mr P."

at first glance, seems like two Lovelies were supposed to go on a date with mister Handsome.

well... not quite =P.

meet the beautiful Rosa:

the sweet and innocent Rosie:

and here's the hero of the day, Mr.P:

ok that's wrap geekery for you. please ignore my rants to all those who are currently not singing in the same tune as me =P.

on another note, my CNY leave starts today, but i'm forseeing that i still need to vpn into the network occasionally throughout the week. i don't mind actually, i now have a reason to utilize internet tethering with my oh-so-pricey maxis data plan lol. the only leceh part is that i haven't received my passcode yet, which means i need to sit around and wait until someone goes online to obtain it from them. heu~

happy Federal Territory Day! =)

i remember last time we were in Penang many years ago, also around the time of Federal Territory day, Significant Other actually claimed that he knew the official anthem for the FT states... and then we went on to humm some tune i secretly think he made up out of thin air just to kelentong me. in reality i think there is an anthem, but i don't think it's the one he sang to me. LOL!

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