February 18, 2011

progress - the sixth month

Dayana's latest antics:
- greets me with 'good morning Mommy' every morning
- praises me with 'you're so smart Mommy' each time i answer whatever question she asks me
- is never too stingy with her thank you's <3 <3
- thinks that with the word 'pliz' you can get practically anything you want, the more the merrier
- asks too many questions
- sometimes asked to be carried whenever i take out a wrap/rs to try with Dinara
- she loves steamed corn (Cameron trip)
- hates strawberries (Cameron trip)
- scared of Scorpions, siap boleh ajak 'jom balik Mommy!! eeeee takutttttttttttttttttt' (with a horrific look on her face) punye la tak nak tengok all those creppy crawlies lol (Cameron trip)
- tried to make conversation with the rabbits (Cameron trip)
- if you're patient, she'll tell you alot of things, that is, in her own way. up to you to choose to understand it or not. lol
- Daddy let her watch 'Beauty & The Beast' and 'Snow White' on DVD recently. now every night she demands 'nak tengok Pwincess!'
- when asked if she wants to be Doctor Dayana tak, she replied 'Pwincess Daina lah!'
- mutters 'mana busuk?' whilst looking for that specific smelly end of her blankie
- over eager to help out, up to the point of being a niusance
- knows what she wants. sometimes you can kelentong her, sometimes you can't (they're smart, these little ones)
- learnt the phrase 'i know i know i know! maybe i can help' from higglytown heroes. i'm pretty sure she doesn't understand what it means
- pandai joget. should enrol her for classes later on
- has this annoying habit of screaming each time Dinara cries. i think it's some sort of blocking mechanism T_T which i can't seem to understand for the life of me.
- gila camera. insists to have her picture taken first above all else.

yesterday i asked her, 'how old are you?' (i thought her how to answer with 'two years old').
you know what she answered? 'no old!'


Dinara's progress:
- adores her elder sister to bits despite being bullied most of the time
- already knows how to roll. the bed is no longer a safe place to put her down
- she likes to be on her tummy, a complete opposite from Dayana
- is starting to stare at us with interest each time we stuff food into our mouths
- is getting good at grabbing things now
- i dunno how much she weighs this month. she'll be 6 months by the end of the February
- my favorite wrappee!
- smiles alot. my little miss sunshine
- grabs hold of her foot sometimes for inspiration, has yet to try to stuff it into her mouth
- once she's full and happy, she's able to doze off on her own
- has successfully rolled off the bed in her room (and onto her pillow, no wonder she didn't cry, i found her lying on the pillows just gurgling to herself -.-)
- doesn't like drinking water. tried giving her water but she's smart, she knows it ain't milk
- sudah pandai geget! tsk. whenever i scold her, you know what she does? she looks up at me and SMILES. chis.
- tolerates sitting in the Bumbo seat for awhile staring at the colorful stickers Bibik placed on the seat for Dayana a long time ago (am so happy i didn't sell the seat!)
- her hair's really wild, yet thin. and the small spot on her head hasn't had any hair regrowth. oh well. not really noticeable these days.

i'm getting really crappy at updating the kid's progress. the older they get the harder it is to keep track of each and every tiny milestone. or maybe it's just me hahaha.

my youngest sis is touring India now, hoping to get a glimpse of SRK. but do you know where he is now? yep, he's in MALAYSIA. ahahah sungguh potong steam. keke.

i decided to change the layout of my blog. hope the alignments don't run.

so... kanga got stuck in customs. haha. on Valentine's day. haizzz. i'll blog about it later when i get it. as for now, i'm stashified. at least i think so. let me enjoy my fluffies and at the same time work butt magic on them. to see which stays and which goes. and i'm still waiting for sampan country's parcel to arrive @_@

someone wants to stalk me tonight. haha.

so ok toodles. it's Cap Goh Meh today. i suppose those who are still looking for a parter will be off throwing oranges and apples into lakes? i heard some DJ was going to throw a banana to try his luck. haha.

i'll add photos later, feels kinda boring without photos, don't you think?

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