April 14, 2020

makan maggi in style

RMO Day 28: when you've been stuck at home for more than 25 days you start to get creative when it comes to food.

in this post i'm going to reference 'maggi' as 'ramen', since it sounds much more healthier, and i'm trying to make myself feel less guilty for feeding my kids instant noodles, hahahahha.

i call this dish 'Luxury Ramen' inspired by a friend of mine in instagram =D

to make the soup, tumis:
- bawang merah
- cili boh
- kiub ayam
- u can add in the perencah that came with the maggi, but i only used half out of the three packets

then add water, wait for it to boil.
add kimchi if you have it, kalau nak fefeeling ala2 Korea. #eh

meanwhile, get the kids to chop up whatever it is you want to add into the ramen.
since my kids are such picky eaters, and i had limited amount of stuff in the fridge (a trip to the supermarket is about due), i added in the following:

- sayur pakchoy, hiris senipis yang mungkin, else they will struggle kutip satu2 letak tepi
- sausages
- crab sticks

susun all the ingredients cantik2 in the pot, with the ramen in the middle. i used 3 packets, because pot tak muat =D

once the soup starts boiling, pour onto the ramen and continue to cook everything in the pot.

poured the soup into the pot

add in the eggs and leave it in for as long as you want (but make sure you don't overcook the ramen).

add in the egg

once done, tutup api and sprinkle daun sup on top. done!

presentation is key

sebbaik they finished everything, even the sayur. haha.

licin. demi maggi

next time, if i ever semangat nak make this again i should put in:
- cherry tomatoes
- enoki mushrooms
- a slice of cheese


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