December 8, 2019

second Viper of the year

i joined Viper for the second time this year. you know how it is, after successfully completing ONE Viper challenge without killing yourself in the process, you get so pumped up with adrenaline that you enthusiastically say YES to the next person who invites you to join the upcoming Viper challenge event. WITHOUT EVEN THINKING OR BATTING AN EYELASH. hahahahhahaha.

after the adrenaline wears off:


all is good, though. Viper's no Spartan, and since one of Viper's sponsors is Great Eastern, i can guarantee that the event organizers do not secretly want to kill their participants (i'm kidding). as long as you have the spirit and enthusiasm, i'm sure you'll do fine in Viper. i mean i've seen people from all walks of life participating, it's a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle, at the same time being able to bond and have fun with your team members in the process. who else will be willing to haul your heavy arse over a 10 feet wall? =P some of them even had matching outfits made with their names emblazoned on the back, cool eh?

well anyway, back to all that adrenaline - since Viper had an early bird special for ticket prices, i randomly rounded up a bunch of friends to join me: my uni-mate, his Spartan-mate, his Aunt, and my babywearing-mate. gila random kan, ahahhahahah. my uni-mate had just earned his Spartan trifecta, Viper's considered kacang for him. among the five of us, my babywearing-mate and my friend's aunt were newbies to Viper. and guess what we named our team? Debab Kingdom, HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

muka baru bangun tido

we chose the 5km (clean and dry) route (12 obstacles with running in between) because i wasn't very confident in covering the 20km route due to its freaking long distance, despite me wanting to attempt the more fun (read: wet and muddier) route which had a whopping 25 obstacles. nanti terkexut pulak the Viper newbies =D~ next year perhaps?

or perhaps they could create a 50-obstacle course with very little running in between. LOL

muka cun sebelum start course

the start time that we were assigned to was at 8.30am. word of advice, if you want to avoid the human traffic buildup at each obstacles, you might want to choose the earliest start time possible. plus, the weather won't be hot. luckily for us the skies were very accommodating; halfway through the course, it started to drizzle.

i'll just let the photos do the talking. there weren't that many, but i'm glad there were any at all. i didn't bring my phone during my first Viper event because i didn't know what to expect, i mean i had to immerse my whole body into a murky watery pit for Spartan, and my phone definitely wasn't waterproof (post challenge i saw my friend from another team posting photos of themselves at every single obstacle hi Yuzmin! hahahhahaha). if it wasn't for my friend who took so many random shots, we probably would only have photos of ourselves just at the Finish line.

the three of us in one shot, yay
ada potensi boleh ajak dia join Viper lagi hahahahha

p/s. i should've photographed Fahmi climbing the inverted wall. hahahahahahhaha

we climbed onto the bales of hay just to take this photo =P
team Debab Kingdom
friend for lyfe

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