November 22, 2019

a year older again

because my birthday falls on a glorious Friday this year, i decided to celebrate myself in the office - the more the merrier, no? - by supporting local bakers on Instagram! =D i feel like this year has got me ballooning into a Zorb ball of the sorts no thanks to my foodie friends =P since you only turn each age once, why the heck not la kan. we diet next year, ok?

started the morning by dragging the girls on the team for breakfast at San Fran. it's Friday; who has the mood to work on a Friday morning? bahahahhaha. 

i ordered cream puffs and brownies from my friend Atie, who's @delia_delectables on Instagram. serious laaaa everything she bakes is sedap. too bad (or lucky for me, lul) that she stays at the other side of KL, if not i think i'd be ordering from her every other day. haha.

browniessssss yummmmm

the mini chicken burgers in the image below i ordered from Zety who's @so.fluffeh on Instagram. i saw my friend order this for her kids and her photos looked so mouth-watering i just had to try this for myself. sedap ok this mini burgers. i seriously wish i had ordered more hahahhaha.

and then a couple of days later during the weekend i had a mini celebration at home when the cousins came over. them coming over is sort of like a twice a year (or so) ritual - the kids would be preoccupied with the Switch; the older occupants in the house would be busy stuffing their faces and onionning, haha.

mini celebration with the cousins

happy birthday to meeeee =D

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